Central Alberta is a Powerhouse

Did you know that there are over 250,000 people that live within 100km of Lacombe.  Central Alberta is not to be underestimated. Looking for a unique vibrant City in the heart of Central Alberta to do business in, look no further. Here is the breakdown of the 250,000+ that live under an hour drive to Lacombe. […]

Lacombe’s Primary and Secondary Trade Area Over 50,000 People

Lacombe has a unique assortment of businesses and attractions that draw not only the residents of Lacombe but also people from surrounding communities.  Because of Lacombe’s close proximity to the City of Red Deer, it has long been underserviced with Retail Businesses, but that has already started to change with Lacombe’s population currently at 13,000 and […]

Forecasting Lacombe’s Population

Lacombe’s Population in 2016 was 13,060. What is a reasonable expectation of Lacombe’s population in the upcoming years, and how long will it take for Lacombe to have a population of 15,000. Lacombe’s population growth has been in lock step with the Province of Alberta and the major cities of Red Deer, Edmonton and Calgary.  […]

Five Reasons to Shop in Lacombe and Support Local Businesses

#1: STRONG POPULATION GROWTH From 2011 to 2014 the City of Lacombe had a population growth rate of 2.9% per year. Faster than Edmonton 2.5%, Red Deer 2.4%, Alberta 2.4% and Calgary 2.2% during the same time period. #2: ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN CANADA In 2014, Lacombe ranked #4 best places […]

Five Reasons Why the City of Lacombe Should be on your Business Radar

It’s not always possible to buy what you need locally but when it is, you are making an investment to keep your community vibrant and unique. Five Reasons to Shop in Lacombe and Support Local Businesses 1. Your Money Stays in the Community The number one reason to shop local is that your money stays […]